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The Angels Die

Автор: Yasmina Khadra Электронная книга

Even as a child living hand-to-mouth in a ghetto, Turambo dreamt of a better future. So when his family find a decent home in the city of Oran anything seems possible. But colonial Algeria is no place to be ambitious for those of Arab-Berber ethnicity.
Through a succession of menial jobs, the constants for Turambo are his rage at the injustice surrounding him, and a reliable left hook. This last opens the door to a boxing apprenticeship, which will ultimately offer Turambo a choice: to take his chance at sporting greatness or choose a simpler life beside the woman he loves.

© 2016 Gallic Books (Электронная книга) ISBN: 9781910477236 Оригинальное название: Les anges meurent de nos blessures Переводчик: Howard Curtis