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The Teacup Novellas

Автор: Diane Moody Чтец: Chloe Cannon Аудиокнига

Lucy Alexander has a hopeless case of writer's block. But all that changes when her handsome UPS guy delivers a box of vintage teacups from the estate of her namesake and beloved Aunt Lucille. Happy memories of tea parties they shared when Lucy was young flood her mind. And with them, the forgotten stories her aunt loved to tell over tea and Scottish shortbread. Colorful tales of fascinating characters woven together with the undeniable power of love. Some were true, most weren't, but it was her aunt's extraordinary gift of storytelling that first ignited Lucy's passion to write.

Though still grieving the recent loss of her aunt, Lucy unwraps the fragile cups and saucers, and with them, a flood of memories and story ideas.

The Teacup Novellas: The Collection includes all five stand-alone stories (Tea with Emma, Strike the Match, Home to Walnut Ridge, At Legend's End, and A Christmas Peril) plus the on-going saga of Lucy's own budding romance with that UPS guy who keeps knocking at the door of her heart.

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