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The Tiger's Nest

Автор: Trudi Trueit Чтец: Ramon de Ocampo Аудиокнига

Built into the sheer side of a mountain near Paro, Bhutan, is one of the most sacred sites in the world. With its scenic views, colorful prayer flags, and incredible temples, an ancient Himalayan monastery has for centuries been the
ultimate destination for tourists and adventure seekers, historians and searchers. But for Cruz Coronado, what lies at the top is a much bigger mystery.

In The Tiger’s Nest, the exhilarating fifth book in the Explorer Academy series, Cruz, Lani, Sailor, Emmett, and Bryndis cross the globe in search of the next clues in the journey to uncover Cruz’s mom’s secret formula. This time the adventure
takes them to secret chambers hidden below some of the most famous spots in the world, and the explorers discover that their onboard CAVE isn’t the only place the Academy has utilized high-tech security. When Cruz plays right into Nebula’s
hands and finds himself cornered with no way out, a new hero emerges to save the day. But this time, fortune may not favor the bold. By the time all is said and done, Cruz’s life will never be the same, and he alone must face what comes next.

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