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The Warden

Автор: Jon Richter Чтец: Steven Crossley Аудиокнига

Can you be free if you can't go outside? Permanent lockdown becomes a crime scene in this clever near-future thriller from the author of Rabbit Hole . . .

The year is 2024, and the residents of the Tower, a virus-proof apartment building, live in a state of permanent lockdown. The building is controlled by James, who keeps the residents safe but incarcerated. Behind bricked-up front doors, their every need is serviced; they are pampered but remain prisoners. This suits Eugene just fine. Ravaged by the traumas of his past, the agoraphobic ex-detective has no intention of ever setting foot outside again.

But when he finds the Tower's building manager brutally dismembered, his investigator's instincts won't allow him to ignore the vicious crime. What Eugene finds beyond the comfort of his apartment's walls will turn his sheltered existence upside down. To unravel the Tower's mysteries, he must confront James. And James takes his role as the Warden very, very seriously.

Contains mature themes.

© 2022 Tantor Audio (Аудиокнига) ISBN: 9781666157284

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