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Twenty Questions Jesus Asked

Автор: John Pritchard Электронная книга

We usually think of Jesus as preaching and teaching, but throughout the gospels he is often asking questions - searching enquiries, that disarm the hearers into responding unreservedly and provide some of the most profound lessons in the New Testament.

But what were the questions that Jesus asked? And how can we learn from them today?

Twenty Questions Jesus Asked explores just that. Over four distinct sections, John Pritchard explores twenty of Jesus' conversations to examine the experience of those being question and reflect on their significance for us as modern Christians.

With questions for reflection and prayer exercises, Twenty Questions Jesus Asked is a brilliant book for both individual and small group use. With his characteristic grounded thoughtfulness, John Pritchard guides us through Jesus' questions and helps us better understand the lessons he was trying to impart, so that we can grow as disciples and apply Jesus' wisdom to every day life.

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