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You Are Free (Even If You Don't Feel Like It): Mental health, faith and finding your way

Автор: Hope Virgo Электронная книга

In You Are Free (Even if You Don't Feel Like It) award-winning campaigner Hope Virgo opens up about her own journey with mental health and illness. With powerful honesty, she relates her experiences from being sexually abused in her youth group when she was just 13 and admitted to a mental health hospital with a failing heart at 17, to feeling like she was ready to end it all at 28 - when a new hope found her after a stranger told her about Jesus.

This is a raw and relatable memoir, in which Hope candidly lays out how she worked through her rage, hurt, disappointments and doubts, and the power that the Christian faith has had in her life. Sharing what she has learned, Hope's story is an inspiring look at one woman's fight to keep going, even in the face of confusion that sometimes God chooses not to heal us - or at least, not in the way we expect - and the ongoing stigma and shame that still follows mental health issues around.

Featuring interviews with Rachel Hughes, Matt Hogg, Zeke Rink, Jemimah Haley and many more, You Are Free (Even If You Don't Feel Like It) is an autobiography that will speak to anyone who has struggled with their mental health, in the church and outside of it, and to anyone interested in how the Christian faith can offer hope even in the darkest of times.

A testimony both to the resilience of the human spirit and to the power of God, Hope's autobiography is an understanding voice for all those in the midst of their struggles, offering hope and encouragement that they too will find their way on to the path towards healing.

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