Virus: Stockholm

On a hot summer day, Stockholm is struck by a mysterious and deadly virus. In a matter of days the city, the country and maybe the whole world will be destroyed. A smal minority of people is somehow resistent to the infection and Stockholm is divided into two factions: the immune and the uninfected. They must learn how to relate to each other, create a kind of life in this new and inhospitable world and defend their place in it. Follow Amanda, Iris, Dano, and others in their desperate struggle for their existence in a collapsed world. Civilization may have come to an end, but something must come after that... "Virus" is an oppressive story about people's struggle for survival in a world that no longer wants them, told at a merciless pace. Daniel Åberg is a journalist and author of two of Storytel's success series, "Virus" and "Near the Border". After many years in Stockholm, Daniel is now living with his family in Vittangi, east of Kiruna.