The Writer's Process - Anne Janzer

The Writer's Process

The Writer's Process

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No matter how proficient or prolific they are, writers always want more: more ideas, more output, more 'flow' when working. This book is about finding your own path to a better writing process. 'Research-based, hands-on, step-by-step wisdom that can help you wrestle with the lizard brain. Certain to help thousands of would-be writers write.' -- Seth Godin, author of The Icarus Deception Master Your Inner Game of Writing Your most important writing tool, and biggest potential barrier, resides inside your skull. Effective written communication transfers thoughts and ideas from your head into the minds of readers. Why not look to cognitive science for keys to better results? The Writer's Process combines the field-tested practices of successful and productive writers with insights from cognitive science. By understanding how your mental processes affect the work, you can find your best writing process, using what you know about your own mental habits and preferences. Topics include: How to invite creativity into the writing process Why separating the writing process into different steps improves efficiency by aligning work with appropriate mental systems How to overcome writer's block, negative feedback, and work-related obstacles How to make time for writing in a busy, interrupt-driven life
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Förlag: Authors Republic
Utgiven: 2017-03-14
Längd: 4T 5M
ISBN: 9781518945205

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