The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, Vol. 3 - Various Authors

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, Vol. 3

The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, Vol. 3

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Experience one of television's greatest science fiction series: The Twilight Zone. This collection of episodes is fully dramatized for audio and features a full cast, music, sound effects, and narration by some of today's biggest celebrities. The Obsolete Man (starring Jason Alexander) A librarian in a future society where books and religion are banned is declared obsolete and sentenced to die in a manner of his own choosing. Back There (starring Jim Caviezel) A man tries to prevent the assassination of Abraham Lincoln when he finds himself thrust back in time. But can he actually change history? A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain (starring Adam West) An aging man desperate to keep his much younger wife from leaving him tries a highly experimental youth serum. To his wife's delight, his youth is restored-but does it work too well? Nervous Man in a Four-Dollar Room (starring Adam Baldwin) A small-time hood in a four-dollar-a-day room is ordered to kill a man. In a mirror he sees the reflection of the man he could have been-and still could become if he makes the right decision. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (starring Frank John Hughes) A mysterious power failure causes paranoid suburban residents to suspect one another of being disguised creatures from outer space. Escape Clause (starring Mike Starr) A man makes a pact with the devil for immortality, then finds he doesn't get a kick out of living anymore.
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Förlag: Falcon Picture Group
Utgiven: 2013-06-01
Längd: 3T 47M
ISBN: 9781483085562

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