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Letters Around Midnight

Letters Around Midnight

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Based in the UK, Letters Around Midnight is a blog relating sexual experiences from a woman's perspective - but equally open to be read by men. Whether it is an intimate encounter at work, rest or play the tales are guaranteed to set your pulse racing. In this first volume of collected encounters we meet: Chrissy, a librarian whose love of books overflows into the reading room; Aleisha, a florist who blossoms in her back room with her Italian lover as he practices his linguistic skills; Jean, a teacher whose parent-teacher evening turns out to be just that; Alexa, a power-dressing lawyer with everything but the law in mind; Amanda, a boss who falls for her secretary; Anya, a barista who takes her cyclist lover for a spin; Cass, a die-hard biker chick with her eye and hand on the throttle; Karen, whose boyfriend prefers porn until she shows him what she can really do; Paula, a lover of jazz who gets more than she bargained for at a jazz session; Susie, a passionate lingerista who finds that a client can always leave her breathless; Emily, a cellist who loses her way on the score but scores when she's away; and Ros, whose fantasies become reality when her boyfriend comes knocking. So why don't you pour yourself a glass of wine, turn down the lights, grab some company, kick up your heels and join Letters Around Midnight in some truly erotic fun.
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Förlag: Andrews UK
Utgiven: 2014-06-05
ISBN: 9781849893817

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