Misbehaved - Katy Kaylee



3.56 18 5 Författare: Katy Kaylee Inläsare: Alex Kydd, Elizabeth Russell
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Pregnant with my brother's best friend? No, that can't happen!

They say, the universe always conspires to give you what you've always wanted. In my case, it's revenge with Jax Michaels. My brother's best friend, my sworn enemy, and now my new boss.

Three years ago, I let him deflower me. A mistake that left me devastated. Scarred. Wounded. Hurt. I've hated him all these years, thinking of ways I can make him pay back for what he did. And fate makes sure our paths cross once again.

Did I say he's still as charming as ever? I'm falling for him yet again. But then I remind myself that forgiveness is off the table. He needs to know that he's the biggest regret of my life. And no matter how hard he tries, I will never trust him.

Not even with a baby on the way. And that is why this will be my little secret.

Contains mature themes.
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Romance Översättare:

Mer info om ljudboken:

Förlag: Tantor Audio
Utgiven: 2020-05-26
Längd: 7T 9M
ISBN: 9781494547691

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