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At the fringes of the Roman Empire, a new hero rises...

When Leary, a Roman charioteer, is shipwrecked at the edge of the known world, he fears for his life. Whispers had reached Rome of blue-painted demons in the trees of this gods-forsaken land beyond Brittania: Ireland.

But the people of this country welcome him into the court of King Conor, which throngs with heroes boasting, drinking and telling stories of their exploits in battle. There he meets a young boy, an outsider whose birth is shrouded in mystery: Cuchulainn, who will one day become Ireland’s greatest warrior.

Cuchulainn’s exploits become the stuff of legend as he grows. But when the armies of the vengeful Queen Maeve gather at the gates of Emain Macha, Cuchullain must face both his greatest challenge and his dark destiny...

Retold as never before, this is a thrilling, timeless tale of heroism and friendship, of love and betrayal, of war and poetry. This is the story of Cuchullain, the Hound of Ulster, perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden, Bernard Cornwell and Giles Kristian.

Praise for Hound

‘The ultimate warrior’s tale’ Manda Scott, author of Boudica

‘Tightly written, oddly touching and with a strong sense of history as well as myth...an impressive first novel’ Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Guardian
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Förlag: Canelo Adventure
Utgiven: 2020-08-17
ISBN: 9781800321144

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