All That Lingers - Irene Wittig

All That Lingers

All That Lingers

4,17 6 5 Författare: Irene Wittig Uppläsare: Penelope Graham
"A standout among the many novels set in this world-changing era." Kirkus Review, A STARRED Review. Vienna, where the future that holds such promise, and a war echoes through generations.The rise of Nazism in Austria catapults Emma’s once idyllic life into chaos. As she grapples with the harsh new reality of her country’s betrayal, she desperately clings to her humanity by hiding her Jewish friends. In the aftermath, she finds solace in helping those in even greater need than herself.The war sends Sophie, an innocent young girl, down unexpected paths. When she returns to Vienna from her American refuge, she will seek her lost history. Friedrich, Sophie’s uncle, teeters on the edge of what is right and his personal survival. His actions and inaction leave long-lasting repercussions (or effects?) that will threaten to throw all their lives into turmoil again. Follow the interweaving stories of people through the most tumultuous period of their lives and its aftermath, as they endure loss, devastation, betrayal and heartache, while still clinging to hope for a better tomorrow.
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Romaner Översättare:

Mer info om ljudboken:

Förlag: Irene Wittig
Utgiven: 2020-10-01
Längd: 11T 9min
ISBN: 9781664920606

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