Easy Learning Spanish Audio Course – Stage 1 - Collins Dictionaries

Easy Learning Spanish Audio Course – Stage 1

Easy Learning Spanish Audio Course – Stage 1

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The UK’s bestselling audio series for learning a language The Easy Learning Spanish course is the perfect language learning course for holidays and business trips abroad. • Easy to use – learn Spanish quickly and with confidence • Easy to follow – listen, speak Spanish and learn • Easy to learn – Spanish grammar made simple Easy Learning Spanish teaches you key words for the most important situations and lets you expand your language through a variety of activities. You choose whether to focus on learning the essentials or to progress to some more challenging activities – so whether you’re a beginner, or you want to refresh and build upon your existing knowledge, you can become confident in Spanish without even having to pick up a pen. Download the accompanying booklet from Topics covered in Level 1: Unit 1: Hello Unit 2: Excuse me Unit 3: Where's the bar? Unit 4: Over there Unit 5: What would you like? Unit 6: Have you got..? Unit 7: Can you help me? Unit 8: I want to go to.. Unit 9: Have you got a room? Unit 10: It hurts Unit 11: When for? Unit 12: What's it like? Also available: Easy Learning Spanish Level 2
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Förlag: HarperCollins Publishers
Utgiven: 2008-11-03
Längd: 1T 17M
ISBN: 9780007307043

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