Same Planet, Different Worlds - John Duncanson

Same Planet, Different Worlds

Same Planet, Different Worlds

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This book is for the Ministry of Defence Police constables whose professionalism, dedication and commitment was tested and proved beyond doubt, whilst seconded to the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo. After years of relative boredom and the humdrum of repetitive plodding behind Coulport's protective security fences, John Duncanson, and a selection of his fellow police officers, chose to temporarily rid themselves of the adopted tag 'glorified security guards' by volunteering for a United Nations peacekeeping deployment to Kosovo. Little did they know what waited for them as they stepped onto the tarmac at Pristina airport but they were soon to learn as they had to adapt to living on the same planet, but a totally different world...
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Förlag: Andrews UK
Utgiven: 2015-09-23
ISBN: 9781908336583

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