YIELD - Emily & Damon - Lilia Moon

YIELD - Emily & Damon

YIELD - Emily & Damon

3.895910780669145 269 5 Författare: Lilia Moon Inläsare: Jeffrey Kafer, Ava Erickson
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She's a wedding planner. He owns a BDSM club. The last thing they're expecting... is each other. Emily Madigan is Seattle’s best wedding planner. Her superpower is managing a thousand details without dropping a single one, and her deepest desire is an hour-long bubble bath and a foot rub. Until her newest clients want to get married at a BDSM club. Damon Black owns Fettered. He’s proud of who he is and what he does, and nothing scares him – until two of his favorite people want to get married at the place where they fell in love, no matter how many spanking benches they have to move out of the way to do it. Damon knows as soon as he lays eyes on Emily that she doesn’t belong in his world. A quick tour of his club will prove it. Except it doesn't.
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Erotiskt Serie: Fettered: 1 Översättare:

Mer info om ljudboken:

Förlag: Lilia Moon
Utgiven: 2018-04-15
Längd: 5T 23M
ISBN: 9781775070979

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Förlag: Lilia Moon
Utgiven: 2016-09-26
ISBN: 9781775070900

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