This is Sex - Karen Farrington

This is Sex

This is Sex

2.1666666666666665 6 5 Författare: Karen Farrington
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For some people sex is a daily necessity, for others a once-a-year thing. Wether you're a foot fetishist or a cyber-sex maniac, regardless of wether gentlemen prefer blondes or women like a man in uniform, one thing is for sure: sex is the hottest subject on the planet. In this comprehensive study of sexual attitudes through the ages, from the scanty cavortings of Adam and Eve to Ancient Grecian and Roman orgies and the Kama Sutra of the East, no taboo is left unchallenged as Karen Farrington explores the culture surrounding modern sexual behaviour and sex addiction in its healthy and not-so- healthy guises. A must-read for all romantics, puritans and free-lovers, This is Sex breaks down the boundaries of what is perceived as tasteless and tells it like it is.
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Historia Översättare:

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Förlag: Bobcat Books
Utgiven: 2010-09-07
ISBN: 9780857124555

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