Twilight, True Love and You - Louise Deacon

Twilight, True Love and You

Twilight, True Love and You

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A guide to put the sparkle in your love life Ever since Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight gripped millions with its tale of a girl torn between apparently perfect loves, many of us have been on the hunt for our own Edward or Jacob. Can such a love truly exist? Louise Deacon reveals the relevance of Bella’s story to your own life and the seven secrets to finding true love, so that you can take control of your romantic destiny. WARNING What you will read in this book may surprise you. You will make discoveries about yourself, your relationships and Twilight that you were not expecting. Some of the material in this book will go against everything that you thought before.
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Förlag: Summersdale Publishers Ltd
Utgiven: 2011-04-04
ISBN: 9781848399969

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