American Mystic - Memoirs of a Happy Man - Saroja G. Poilblan,Arunachala Ramana

American Mystic - Memoirs of a Happy Man

American Mystic - Memoirs of a Happy Man

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American Mystic - Memoirs of a Happy Man is a mix of American social history and the spiritual journey told by A. Ramana, a larger-than-life Texan, as he looked back over his lifetime. Ramana was a big man in every way, a beautiful man, and a true mystic. His story is gripping, frankly told, providing a fascinating glimpse into American culture and history beginning in the Great Depression and ending in the new millennium. It is a colorful story of the search for happiness through both the pursuit of the American Dream and of spiritual inquiry. Spiritual biographies have the power to help people connect with their own quest to find out who they are - which is, after all, the raison dêtre of the spiritual search - and, Ramanas story is particularly worth knowing in that regard. His struggles, adventures and inner search, culminated in his having a homecoming, an Awakening with a capital A. How many people can actually say that they have "found happiness?" Ramana did - and in these memoirs, he shares his journey and his thoughts about how this can happen for all of us.
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Utgiven: 2016-01-04
ISBN: 9780968365861

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