The Everything Philosophy Book - James Mannion

The Everything Philosophy Book

The Everything Philosophy Book

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At last, you can grasp the most difficult concepts of thought! If you’ve always wanted to learn about philosophy but were too intimidated to get past the first word ending in “ism,” The Everything Philosophy Book provides simple explanations guaranteed to make philosophic ideas and concepts easy to understand. This entertaining book offers a broad overview of many diverse schools of thought—from antiquity up through the present day. In plain English, author James Mannion explains all of the great philosophies—and even provides contemporary examples to put them in perspective. Interspersed are fascinating sidebars that offer helpful hints toward understanding complex concepts and little-known facts about the lives of great philosophers. The Everything Philosophy Book delves into the minds of such philosophers as: -Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle -Augustine and Aquinas -Buddha and Confucius -Spinoza and Descartes -Locke and Hume -Voltaire and Rousseau -Mill and Nietzsche -Russell and Sartre Endlessly fascinating—and always clear and concise—The Everything Philosophy Book will be welcomed by anyone who wants to broaden his or her outlook on life.
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Förlag: Adams Media
Utgiven: 2002-07-01
ISBN: 9781605505763

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