It Happened in Egypt - Charles Norris Williamson & Alice Muriel Williamson

It Happened in Egypt

It Happened in Egypt

1.0 1 5 Författare: Charles Norris Williamson & Alice Muriel Williamson Inläsare: Sibella Denton
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Lord Ernest Borrow and Captain Anthony Fenton think they know a secret - a secret that could make them both rich. En route, they are sidetracked by Sir Marcus Antonius Lark, a woman who thinks she's Cleopatra reincarnate, a Gilded Rose of an American Heiress, and Mrs. Jones, a mysterious Irish woman with a past. Will they find the secret? Or will the trip up the Nile on the Enchantress Isis net them another discovery altogether? Charles Norris (C N) Williamson was a British writer, motoring journalist and founder of the Black and White in 1891, who was perhaps best known for his collaboration with his wife, Alice Muriel Williamson, in a number of novels and travelogues. Several of the Williamsons' short stories and novels later became films. Charles Norris Williamson wrote many of his published works in partnership with his wife, Alice who apparently said of him "Charlie Williamson could do anything in the world except write stories": she also said "I can't do anything else." Charles wrote some novels on his own, as did Alice after her husband's death.
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Förlag: AB Svenska Ljud Audioförlag
Utgiven: 2018-06-01
Längd: 13T 2M
ISBN: 9789176394717

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