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Feline Behaviour and Psychology

Feline Behaviour and Psychology

3,1 10 5 Författare: Centre of Excellence Inläsare: Brian Greyson
The Feline Behaviour and Psychology Audiobook provides a greater understanding of what is going on in the mind of your cat(s), why they do certain things, and how to improve your, and your other pet's, relationship with them.

For cat lovers part of the attraction to their feline friends is the very thing that sets them apart from other pets; their intelligence and behaviours, though this can also be an avenue of confusion, leaving you with unanswered questions:

‘Why is my cat constantly spraying my curtains, even though he’s been neutered?’

‘Why does my cat chew my plants?’

‘Why does my cat sometimes bite me when I stroke her?’

Written by our Feline Psychology expert who has over 12 years experience in this fascinating field, this audiobook aims to give you the latest comprehensive up to date knowledge that can help you to answer many of you cat-related questions, aiding you to build stronger relationships with your feline companion.
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Förlag: Author's Republic
Utgiven: 2018-10-03
Längd: 1T 36min
ISBN: 9781982724665

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