The Trials and Tribulations of Mary Agnes - John Nelson,Anthony Horman

The Trials and Tribulations of Mary Agnes

The Trials and Tribulations of Mary Agnes

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We the children of Mary Agnes (Doherty) Horman want to tell the story of her life, full of tragedy interwoven with some but eventual happiness Mary Agnes had two sons Anthony J. Horman Jr and Harry William Horman. She also had one daughter Elaine Marie(Horman) Nelson. We decided to write her story after a genealogy study of her life revealed things unknown to us for most of our adolescent years. Whenever we asked questions about her childhood and other family interests she did not respond at least up to our expectations. We now know that she simply did not have answers to our questions as she was too young to remember most of her past. Marys parents lived unfortunate lives as both were plagued with sickness and death at very early ages. Without question, their early deaths had a great impact on Marys life. This story also depicts somewhat how the disease Tuberculosis (TB) ravaged many families in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Most of the families that were affected were immigrants.
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Utgiven: 2016-06-06
ISBN: 9781944849115

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