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Dangerous Assignment, Vol. 1

Dangerous Assignment, Vol. 1

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In 1949 NBC brought handsome Irish American actor Brian Donlevy to the radio microphones as international troubleshooter Steve Mitchell in the spy series Dangerous Assignment. Mitchell worked for an unnamed US government intelligence agency, whose boss, "the Commissioner," dispatched him to world trouble spots. Mitchell's assignment was to solve problems in record time and in accordance with US interests.The radio series ran from 1949 to 1953, due in part to Donlevy's terrific performances and the mystique of the foreign locations and situations, which radio listeners could create in their own "theater of the mind." During its last year on radio, Donlevy formed a production company to convert the series to television, producing thirty-nine episodes for syndication.Enjoy twelve exciting, half-hour radio adventures of globe-trotting troubleshooter Steve Mitchell as he solves another dangerous assignment."Italy: Thropp Foundation Stolen Relief Supplies" [first show] (9 Jul 49), "Switzerland: International Blackmail" (20 Mar 50) ,"Egypt: The Renew Sheik Haroun's Uranium Deal" (27 Mar 50), "Trinidad: Recover Underwater Demolition Secrets" (10 Apr 50), "Alaska: Investigate Missing Scientists" (24 Apr 50), "Paris: Find Szabo and the Briefcase" (3 May 50), "Sweden: Smash Lecture Circuit Spy Ring" (10 May 50), "Burma: Solve Kent Jackson's Murder" (24 May 50), "Vienna: Recover Lost Troop Movement Documents" (2 Aug 50), "Africa: Defeat African Hate Campaign" (9 Aug 50), "Hatia: Recover 'Operation Fish Hook' Data" (6 Jan 51), and "Madrid: Find Missing Scientist Dr. Wieczek" (13 Jan 51).
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Förlag: Blackstone Publishing
Utgiven: 2016-09-01
Längd: 5T 52M
ISBN: 9781504706858

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