In Teddys Arms - K.M. Mahoney

In Teddys Arms

In Teddys Arms

3.42 31 5 Författare: K.M. Mahoney
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Everything Teddy has ever wanted is right in front of him, if only he can find the courage to reach out and take it. Teddy should really know better than to agree to one of Pierces great ideas, but he's never found it easy to say no to his best friend. Which is why he finds himself on the middle of a snow-covered road, heading into the mountains to spend the Christmas holiday in a rental cabin. And, like always, Pierces great plan backfires. The cabin is a dump, its freezing outside - and then comes the snowstorm. Pierce isn't sure how he's going to handle an entire weekend trapped with Teddy. Sure, the guy is his best friend, but tell that to Pierces body. Its getting harder and hard to keep his hands to himself. Teddy doesn't think Pierce is interested in his nerdy best friend. Pierce doesn't think he's good enough for Teddy. But the fires blazing, the wind is howling, and its time for some changes.
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Erotiskt Översättare:

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Förlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Utgiven: 2011-12-12
ISBN: 9780857158406

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