Flip the Switch, Lose the Weight - Robert Cooper, Leslie Cooper

Flip the Switch, Lose the Weight

Format: Finns som e-bok

Flip the Switch, Lose the Weight

Format: Finns som e-bok
Discover how easy it can be to drop those unwanted pounds by flipping the switch that revs up metabolism to maximize fat burning all day long.

Could losing weight really be as simple as flipping a switch? Absolutely, says Dr. Robert Cooper, one of America's leading weight-loss researchers. The trouble with most popular diet-and-exercise programs is that they boot up the metabolic thermostat, or Meta-Stat (an area in the brain that regulates metabolism), for only short spurts. The rest of the time the body is in fat-storing mode. But if our Meta-Stat stays on 24 hours a day, we burn fat constantly--and build energy as well.

In Flip the Switch, Lose the Weight, Dr. Cooper reveals scientifically proven strategies that enable you to turn on your Meta-Stat and maintain optimum metabolism all day long.

This groundbreaking book:
provides an easy 20-minute exercise plan that gently works the body differently on successive days for maximum fat-burning, energy-generating effectallows readers to customize their weight-loss programs based on individual goals and lifestyle preferencesprovides an exclusive "Success Map" for readers to chart their progressincludes complete meal plans and more than 100 recipes, all designed to fuel the Meta-Stat for maximum fat burning
Mer info om e-boken:
Förlag: Rodale
Utgiven: 2007-03-06
ISBN: 9781623361136

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