An Unconventional Chicago - T.A. Chase, Amber Kell, Jambrea Jo Jones

An Unconventional Chicago

An Unconventional Chicago

3 3 5 Författare: T.A. Chase, Amber Kell, Jambrea Jo Jones
No Bravery by T.A. Chase A man looking for revenge discovers a man who wants to save a city. Farris OLaughlin has been back in Chicago for five years. Hed spent thirteen years before his return in a mental asylum after his brother had him committed for insanity. Farris plots revenge in the way he knows will hurt his brother the most-bringing down the family business. Darien Shaunessy is Farris new driver and guard. He's around to keep Farris in line...or so Farris brother thinks. Darien has his own reasons for working for the OLaughlins, but Farris wasn't part of his plan. When two men from different parts of the city come together, powerful men could lose their wealth and control. And the lovers could find bravery they never thought they possessed. Love don't Die by Jambrea Jo Jones They might die, but their love never will... Moran Schultz was tasked with getting information from one ward to another. He was all for helping his brother make Chicago a better place. What he wasn't expecting was his lover to show up after a month of no contact. Dutch Luciano isn't going to let Moran go without a fight. They love each other and the gangs in charge of Chicago arent going to keep them apart. Can Moran let Dutch back in or is it too dangerous? More than Chicago is on the line. Will love be strong enough to survive? Passion Under Fire by Stephani Hecht Can their love overcome the danger coming their way, or are they doomed to die? Georgio is the third son in a powerful mob family, but he has never agreed with their violent or illegal ways, so he joins the resistance in an attempt to right the wrongs that his family has done. But, by doing so, he puts himself at great risk of getting caught. And if he is, his older brothers would have no problem ordering him executed, their sibling or not. Tito is a runner for the family. While he hates the gang, he has a sick brother at home to take care of, so he has to take the job because it pays so well. The last thing Tito expects is to form an attachment to Georgio. While Georgio tries to deny his feelings for Tito, he finds himself drawn to him as well. But, if they were to be caught together, they could be killed on the spot. Will their love be able to survive so many obstacles? Or can they find a way to happiness? Ganging Up on Love by Amber Kell New love can bring new dangers. When Dirk volunteered to take the information to the resistance, he didnt know hed find his perfect match in their leader. Determined to find a place among them, he offers to help wherever he can. Leon has always been alone, afraid of trusting anyone with his affection. When the visitor from Ward Three comes in with important information to bring down the mob bosses, he doesn't know how to handle their instant attraction. When outside dangers threaten to tear them apart, will their new love be enough to keep them together? Bonfire Heart by Devon Rhodes Sometimes fires burn and destroy, but from the ashes, new growth can heal and cleanse. Thierry Alexander is the deputy mayor of Chicago, a city he loves but can't save on his own from the corrupt political system. His assistant and lover, Eduardo, is also known as Cesar, the head of the underground resistance movement. He has been working behind the scenes for years and finally gets what he needs-enough information to get the US government involved and take down the criminal elements strangling the city he loves. But they need to act fast because legislation is about to be enacted that will give rise to social and ethnic purging in Chicago. Not knowing who they can trust, they will have to put their faith in one another and risk everything to save a city.
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Förlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Utgiven: 2014-08-08
ISBN: 9781784301453

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