Ladies Only - Helena Maeve,R.A. Padmos,Cari Z.

Ladies Only

Ladies Only

2.87 8 5 Författare: Helena Maeve,R.A. Padmos,Cari Z.
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Worth a Shot by Cari Z Samara Wynne thinks she's finally found the perfect roommate, but Katies keeping a secret that could turn their dream home into a nightmare. Samara Wynne was dreading getting a roommate, but Katie Hansen changed her mind. Katie is everything she could want-she likes Sams cooking, she shares her dog when Sams feeling low, and there are signs that Sams one-sided attraction to her renter might not be so one-sided after all. Katie is safety-conscious to the point of paranoia, though, and she wont quite tell Sam why. When a thoughtless mistake by Sam leads to their home-sweet-home being violated, its the beginning of the end of everything she had hoped for them. With no home, and no Katie, what does Sam have to look forward to anymore? Fortunately for her, Katie isn't as ready to give up on them as Sam thought. The Woman Next Door by Helena Maeve Whats a girl to do when her arch nemesis moves in next door? After months of endless renovations, Ziva can't take the racket anymore. Her commissions arent going to fulfill themselves and she's nowhere near ready for her next exhibition. She is, however, more than able to give her new neighbors a piece of her mind-until she discovers that the people moving in next door arent new faces at all. Yvonne Barros couldn't be less of a stranger. Eight years ago, Ziva might even have said they were friends. That was before Yvonne destroyed Zivas business and nearly drove her to bankruptcy. Almost a decade later and Ziva desperately wants to hate the woman who stole everything from her. Yet with every run-in, Yvonne proves to be a changed person, her sharper edges chiseled smooth, her losses now worn on her sleeve. Unexpectedly thrust into close quarters by their living arrangements, its not long before Ziva and Yvonne rekindle their old connection-and with it the spark of mutual attraction. But Yvonne misled Ziva once before. Whats to say she wont do it again-especially when she is spotted embracing another woman? The Tiny Blue House by R.A. Padmos I am Molly Knowles. Please, marry me. Young chef Molly Knowles travels with her tiny blue house through the country. She isn't sure what she is looking for, but when she tastes the food of Chiara Loss, she knows that she has found it. After two years of hiding from the world, mourning the unexpected death of her lover, Chiara is ready to fall in love again. When Molly stumbles into Chiaras life, both women have no choice but to accept that there is no way back. Sometimes one day filled with food and love is all it takes. In the Flesh by HK Carlton Working undercover, nothing is ever as it seems... Assigned the unenviable task of taking down the untouchable Travino crime family, undercover ATF Agent Kate Benson and her veteran partner Mike Pennington are thrown into the seedy underworld of organized crime. Kate is asked to draw on her past experience as a dancer and infiltrate one of Travinos skin clubs, In the Flesh. Posing as Vivienne, Kate meets exotic dancer Carly. From the moment they first dance together, she can't seem to keep her mind or her greedy hands off the dynamic dancer. Together they sizzle on stage and off. She soon realizes she's falling for Carly but knows from past experience that beginning a relationship built on half-truths is a recipe for failure. As Kate attempts to straddle the line between doing her job and being as honest as she can be with Carly, while still maintaining her cover, Kate and Mike are caught snooping around the club after hours by none other than the mob boss himself. And Kate knows there's not a two-step in the world that can save them now. Window Dressing by Lucy Felthouse Can Jessie work with a woman with the looks of a pixie and the personality of a dragon to complete the most important task of her career? Shop-fitter Jessie is sent to Londons Oxford Street to work overnight on a flagship stores front window. Its the first time she's completed such an important task by herself, but the plans and organization are solid-its just a case of getting it turned around before the store reopens the following morning. What she's not betting on, however, is the woman in charge of the project-Edith. She has the looks of a pixie but the personality of a dragon, and it soon becomes clear to Jessie that the job isn't going to be smooth sailing, not with Edith being awkward and putting Jessie down at every turn. As the hours drag on, Jessie somehow manages to peer beneath Ediths frosty exterior, and much to her surprise, she kind of likes what she finds. But will she abandon her principles-and potentially risk her job-for a one-off thing?
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Erotiskt Översättare:

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Förlag: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Utgiven: 2016-09-27
ISBN: 9781786514813

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