Remorseless - A British Crime Thriller - Will Patching

Remorseless - A British Crime Thriller

Remorseless - A British Crime Thriller

1.0 1 5 Författare: Will Patching Inläsare: Will Patching
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A tale of twisted minds, psychopathic planning and dark moods... A really enjoyable read.' 'A deep, dark look inside the minds of killers...' From the back cover of the paperback version of Remorseless: Peter Leech is a cunning, devious killer, brutalized by half a lifetime in prison for the vicious murder of his parents. Now he's up for parole and, one way or another, he wants out. He's driven by obsessive lust for Judy Finch, a beautiful parole officer who spurned his advances, and his thirst for revenge on those he blames for his conviction. His nemesis, Doc Powers, the forensic psychiatrist who assessed his mental health for trial, is now on the panel reviewing Leech's parole application. But Doc fears for his own sanity. His feelings of guilt over his wife's death and his terrible experiences as a criminal profiler threaten to overwhelm him. Hallucinations haunt Doc as he struggles to convince his colleagues that Leech is a dangerous unreformed psychopath. A blossoming relationship with Judy helps Doc heal - emotionally and professionally - but he soon discovers he's ill-prepared for Leech's re-entry into his life... Please note: The author has created character voices with the performance of dozens of distinctive British accents. This approach will not appeal to all listeners so if you are unsure please check out the website where you will find more audio clips and other details to help you decide if this audiobook is for you.
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Mer info om ljudboken:

Förlag: Authors Republic
Utgiven: 2015-11-08
Längd: 13T 14M
ISBN: 9781518905339

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