The Scoop - Terence J Quinn

The Scoop

The Scoop

0.0 0 5 Författare: Terence J Quinn Inläsare: Johnny Nasser
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The devil waits for you… even in paradise. Flying high after a best-selling book and a movie Oscar, Jonno Bligh is brought low by a cocaine habit and writers’ block. He flees to the Indian Ocean on his beloved yacht The Scoop Jon B as the pressure to deliver his next blockbuster mounts. But a storm cripples the boat and he takes refuge on a remote island. Unknown to him, the island is used by murderous gangster BangBang Budiman to hide the spoils of his maritime heists. Jonno watches in horror as BangBang’s men brutalize two women before leaving them to die. He rescues one, Annie Greenwood, and the pair flee the island with the stolen loot. As the vengeful killers hunt them down, Jonno and Annie are forced to come to terms with their own demons and a discovery that will change their lives forever. “Tense, gripping, The Scoop grabs you from opening line until the last page and leaves you wanting more.” ANNA SMITH, author of Blood Feud
Språk: Engelska Kategori: Spänningsromaner Översättare:

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Förlag: Wavesound Audiobooks
Utgiven: 2019-02-07
Längd: 8T 52M
ISBN: 9781528857093

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