Breakfast is a Dangerous Meal - Terence Kealey

Breakfast is a Dangerous Meal

Breakfast is a Dangerous Meal

3.67 9 5 Författare: Terence Kealey Inläsare: Gordon Griffin
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Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but only if we skip it. Since Victorian times, we have been told to breakfast like kings and dine like paupers. In the wake of his own type 2 diabetes diagnosis, Professor Terence Kealey was given the same advice. He soon noticed that his glucose levels were unusually high after eating first thing in the morning. But if he continued to fast until lunchtime they fell to a normal level. Professor Kealey began to question how much evidence there was to support the advice he’d been given, and whether there might be an advantage for some to not eating breakfast after all. Breakfast is a Dangerous Meal asks: • What is the reliable scientific and medical evidence for eating breakfast? • Why do people suppose that eating breakfast reduces the total amount of food they consume over the day, when the opposite is true? • Who should consider intermittent fasting by removing breakfast from their daily routine? • From weight loss to reduced blood pressure, what are the potential benefits of missing breakfast?
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Förlag: Fourth Estate
Utgiven: 2016-12-29
Längd: 9T 13M
ISBN: 9780008181857

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