Fuck You, 2016 - Bob A.N. Grypants

Fuck You, 2016

Fuck You, 2016

3.857142857142857 7 5 Författare: Bob A.N. Grypants Inläsare: Bob A.N. Grypants
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Penguin presents the unabridged, downloadable audiobook edition of F*ck You, 2016 by Bob A. N. Grypants, read by Bob A.N. Grypants. In the year that David Bowie died, Brexit shocked us, 'Hiddleswift' was a thing and Trump trumped, we are all asking ourselves was 2016 really the worst year ever? Find out in this special* commemorative book**. Inside this cathartic memento of the annus shitabulus that was 2016 you'll find a hilarious guide to everything that went wrong and the few - very few - things that actually went right. For example: - How was it that politics completely jumped the shark this year? - From Bowie to Prince, Ali to Cohen, we celebrate the many extraordinary artists who died rather than see Trump become President (Did Castro make it into the book? Close, but no cigar) - Compare 2016 with other terrible years in history - is it really the very worst? - Make sense of Manbuns, Pokemon Go, Hygge, Nigel Farage and other nonsense - With the aid of an electron microscope we hunt for something good that actually happened - Feel relieved about all the bad things that didn't occur - yet (there's always 2017, folks!) Featuring some really badly drawn illustrations, this comic compendium will soothe your troubled soul - before you throw it in the bin and prepare your mightily hungover self to face 2017. It has to be better, right? * i.e. hastily put together ** Warning: this book will spontaneously combust at midnight on December 31st 2016
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Förlag: Penguin Books Ltd
Utgiven: 2016-12-22
Längd: 1T 22M
ISBN: 9781405932325

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