Unsolved Mysteries: Ten Famous Disappearances - Albert Jack

Unsolved Mysteries: Ten Famous Disappearances

Unsolved Mysteries: Ten Famous Disappearances

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From the author of the internationally bestselling Red Herrings & White Elephants, Pop Goes the Weasel, What Caesar did for My Salad, Shaggy Dogs, They Laughed at Galileo & Mysterious World. Introduction We all love a good mystery don’t we? And by all, I mean each and every one of us are, or will be, captivated at one time or another by a decent, real-life, scary mystery; either one of the world’s most famous or something on a much smaller scale. But, writing a book on just one of these would have been relatively easy. The challenge came from researching many of them and then condensing them down in a way that I know you, my reader, will enjoy them. And that is in short, sharp informative sections that can be read on the train, bus, queue or whilst you are waiting to pick the kids up from school. In other words, the challenge was to explain each mystery in a way you can enjoy, and absorb, in about ten minutes flat. Therefore, inevitably, some information will be missing, for which I apologise in advance. But the missing detail isn’t critical to the basic story; the core details of the mystery in question should all be in there. In some cases, such as chapters on The Bermuda Triangle, UFO’s or USO’s there are literally thousands of examples that I could have used of course, but, in each case I have kept them down to just a handful. So join me now on a journey through Ten Famous Disappearances... Including; Mystery 1 – The Missing Lighthouse-Keepers of Eilean Mor Mystery 2 – The Mary Celeste Mystery Mystery 3 – What Happened to Glenn Miller? Mystery 4 – The Lost King of France Mystery 5 – The Missing Navy Diver – Buster Crabb Mystery 6 – John Dillinger – The FBI Did Not Get Their Man Mystery 7 – Agatha Christie’s Real Life Mystery Mystery 8 – The Invisible D.B. Cooper Mystery 9 – Who was the Real Mona Lisa Mystery 10 – The World’s Strangest Unsolved Crimes Note: Part of Albert Jack's Mysterious World series
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Förlag: Author's Republic
Utgiven: 2019-07-16
Längd: 2T 9M
ISBN: 9781982766481

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