Internal Flame - Dr Roderick Mulgan

Internal Flame

Internal Flame

0 0 5 Författare: Dr Roderick Mulgan Inläsare: Ian A. Miller
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New insights into silent inflammation, longevity and the science of functional food.

This book is likely to be an international bestseller! Putting into practice the advice here could help reduce sickness and disease for millions. If you’re already leading a healthy lifestyle, there’s still more you can you do to fight sickness and disease. This is the story of inflammation and health—what goes wrong as we age, and what you can do about it.


“Dr Mulgan has written an enticing text in this book. It addresses front-on the health issues faced by a human race living longer than ever before. He then offers explanations and reasons for making diet-based choices that could help us all feel more in control. He has an open and engaging style that also makes you think before you eat.” —Dr Anna Sandiford BSc(Hons) MSc PhD

“Books like Dr Mulgan’s help ordinary people understand some of the science that will in turn help them make informed health choices for themselves and their families. He has done an exceptional job of clarifying the issues. No matter which of the various diet ‘tribes’ you currently adhere to, you will learn something from The Internal Flame.” —Ian Wishart, author

“The Internal Flame is an insightful and practical book that anyone wanting longevity and good health for their life should read. It is packed with scientific information that has been diligently researched but written in a way that is engaging and relatable to real life, with advice that can be incorporated into a person’s lifestyle with relative ease.”—Karen McMillan, author of Everyday Strength and Unbreakable Spirit
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Förlag: Audiobooks NZ
Utgiven: 2019-09-14
Längd: 5T 19M
ISBN: 9780473487997

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