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A Night of Flames

Författare: Matthew Harffy E-bok

In the wild lands of Norway, Hunlaf must quell a violent revolt in Matthew Harffy's new historical adventure.

Northumbria, AD 794. Those who rule the seas, rule the land. None know the truth of this more than the Vikings. To compete with the seafaring raiders, the king of Northumbria orders the construction of his own longships under the command of oath-sworn Norseman, Runolf.

When the Vikings attack again, the king sends cleric turned warrior, Hunlaf, on a mission to persuade the king of Rogaland into an alliance. But Hunlaf and Runolf have other plans; kin to seek out, old scores to settle, and a heretical tome to find in the wild lands of the Norse.

Their voyage takes them into the centre of a violent uprising. A slave has broken free of his captors and, with religious fervour, is leading his fanatical followers on a rampage – burning all in his path. Hunlaf must brave the Norse wilderness, and overcome deadly foes, to stop this madman. Can he prevent a night of flames and slaughter?

Reviews for Matthew Harffy:

'Harffy is a master of the Dark Age thriller' Theodore Brun

'Absolutely gripping storytelling' Angus Donald

'Nothing less than superb' Historical Novel Society

'Harffy's writing just gets better and better' Jemahl Evans

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