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Religion & Spiritualitet
2T 55min

Classical Religions and Myths of the Mediterranean Basin

Författare: Dr. Jon David Solomon Uppläsare: Ben Kingsley Ljudbok

The early myths of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Asia Minor, Canaan, Greece, and Rome have greatly and continuously influenced all of Western culture and civilization. Myths rely on imagination and intuition; they express fervently held convictions about the ultimate nature of things, exploring the mysteries of life and death, passion and suffering. Today, theological interest is resurging in goddess worship, and other early nature-based religions are receiving a renewed attention. This presentation also discusses how the literature and culture of these religions have influenced Hebrew and Christian scriptures.

The Religion, Scriptures, and Spirituality Series describes the beliefs, religious practices, and the spiritual and moral commitments of the world’s great religious traditions. It also describes a religion’s way of understanding scripture, identifies its outstanding thinkers, and discusses its attitude and relationship to society.

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