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Power Yoga: An Individualized Approach to Strength, Grace, and Inner Peace

Författare: Ulrica Norberg E-bok

One of Sweden’s most popular teachers introduces the basic ideas, movements, and techniques in this dynamic Hatha Yoga style.

According to Yoga Journal, more than 16 million yoga enthusiasts in America spend almost $3 billion dollars on classes and products each year. Yoga is becoming an increasingly popular activity, and author Ulrica Norberg helps yoga-goers put their money to good work by demonstrating technique in vivid detail and by revealing yoga’s extraordinary power to heal.

Norberg believes yoga can aid us in developing our own life philosophies through a synthesis of Eastern ideology and self-reflection. Her book Power Yoga is at once a testament to the beauty and grace of yoga and a how-to guide that explains practice and form. Norberg takes readers through the elements of yoga and the basic movements and techniques specific to power yoga.

Filled with beautiful full-color photographs illustrating sun-salutations (the basis of power yoga exercises), numerous asanas (poses), and meditation techniques, her book is useful for all levels of instruction and inspiration. This is one of the few practical yoga books that truly expresses the joy, physicality, and temperament of yoga, which has become a passion for so many Americans—young and old and men and women alike.

© 2022 Skyhorse Publishing (E-bok) ISBN: 9781626366831

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