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The Great Gatsby

Författare: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Frank Marcopolos Uppläsare: Frank Marcopolos Ljudbok

There is perhaps no greater American novel than The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Presented here for the first time with essays collected by Bookquarium editors, and one short story "in the universe of The Great Gatsby," this audiobook provides additional context for understanding and appreciating this classic story.

The story itself has been called the "chronicle of the jazz age," and presaged the looming Great Depression that followed the "roaring '20s" in America. It has been adapted into no less than 5 motion pictures (one from the silent-picture era has been lost to history, unfortunately.)

Annotation materials include:

Essay: The Great Gatsby - A Good Novel, Not the "Great" One by M.K. Adkins, Ph.D.

Essay: The Great Gatsby - The Great American Novel at its Best by Lisa E. Paige, Ph.D.

Essay: Alex Rodriguez is the Modern-Day Jay Gatsby - With this One Twist by Frank Marcopolos

Essay: Is The Great Gatsby Problematic from a Historical Perspective? by Frank Marcopolos

Short Story: Chapter Ten (A Story in the Universe of The Great Gatsby) by Frank Marcopolos

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