Out, Out, Brief Candle! - Martin Klammer

Out, Out, Brief Candle!

Out, Out, Brief Candle!

0 0 5 Author: Martin Klammer
Out, Out, Brief Candle! is the remarkable story of African children who have survived terrible fires and gone on to thrive at Children of Fire, a charity based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Martin Klammer recalls his time helping the children develop their personal writing and rehearse and perform Macbeth. Told with affection and humor, Out, Out, Brief Candle! is an inspiring story of an exceptional African "family."

The South African novelist and children's writer Sindiwe Magona says of Out, Out, Brief Candle!: "This is a brave book. The 'voices' of these tender survivors of fire--their struggles, their fortitude--may bring us nearer to becoming more effective in minding the children given to us as a trust. Martin Klammer has brought the unheard cries of those whose lives have been forever altered by the scourge of fire to our ears and eyes. Are we listening? Do we see?"
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Publisher: Wipf and Stock
Published: 2018-07-31
ISBN: 9781532647895

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