Boken's Big Trip to England! - Boken The Dog

Boken's Big Trip to England!

Boken's Big Trip to England!

2.67 3 5 Author: Boken The Dog Narrator: Neil Egerton
In this book, Boken, the cheeky Miniature Schnauzer, takes his first car journey to England. As he is driven through France, his eyes are opened to the beauty in this wonderful country, but the drive and doesn´t prepare him for all the new sights, sounds, smells and adventures he is to experience in England. From travelling on an underwater train, to the hustle and bustle of London, our lovable little chap has the time of his life. Only to be matched by meeting Winston, the British Bulldog puppy, and Laidback Dave, a gorgeous Labradoodle, with whom he explores the forest at midnight. Does it all go to plan? Of course not. A book filled with fun, laughter, adventures, excitement and education - a must read for children and adults alike.
Language: English Category: Children Translator:

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Greystone Productions Ltd
Published: 2020-03-16
Length: 1H 59Min
ISBN: 9781916318151

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