Whatever You Do, Be Happy - Julia Dellitt

Whatever You Do, Be Happy

Author: Julia Dellitt
Format: As e-book

Whatever You Do, Be Happy

Author: Julia Dellitt
Format: As e-book
Banish negative thinking once and for all and shift into a happier, stress-free mindset with these 400 ways to seeing the best in every situation!

You know you should be staying positive, but how do you get back to your happy place after something sidetracks your thoughts?

Whether you’re having a bad day, are suddenly faced with a difficult situation, or you’ve found yourself in a bit of a rut, Whatever You Do, Be Happy is the perfect guide to getting back to a positive mindset. This book includes 400 totally manageable activities that will bring back your smile with ease! Try finding a quiet space to help you reset from a stressful experience or take a few minutes to focus on your breathing when trying to solve a problem.

You will discover that it doesn’t take months of work or a total life overhaul to live a happy lifestyle. All it takes is the simple, actionable advice in this book to start changing your mindset immediately. Start your journey to optimism and happiness now!
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Publisher: Adams Media
Published: 2020-04-28
ISBN: 9781507213483

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