Angry Birds: Treasure Island - Cavan Scott

Angry Birds: Treasure Island

Angry Birds: Treasure Island

4.28 32 5 Author: Cavan Scott Narrator: Jared Zeus
'Yo-ho-ho and a barrel of grass, snout and crossbones on our mast!'

When Jake, Jay and Jim Hawkins discover Billy Beak's long-hidden treasure map, they vow to set sail immediately. Except they have no ship and no crew. Luckily, a humble ship's cook called Long John Smooth Cheeks is at hand, along with a crew of suspiciously green pirates.

Will the Hawkinses find the fabled Easter Egg Island, and can they trust their new pirate shipmates? Find out in this epic adventure based on Robert Louis Stevenson's original swashbuckling tale.
Language: English Category: Children Original title: Angry Birds Treasure Island Translator:

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Storyside
Published: 2020-07-06
Length: 1H 43Min
ISBN: 9789152122129

More info about the ebook

Publisher: Storyside
Published: 2020-07-06
ISBN: 9789180120401

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