The Bear Who Loved Chocolate - Leela Hope

The Bear Who Loved Chocolate

The Bear Who Loved Chocolate

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Once upon a time there was a bear who would only ever eat chocolate! He would not eat any vegetables or fruit. He would only eat chocolate. The bear didn't eat rice. He didn't eat cereal. He certainly wouldn't be seen eating yogurt or something—dare I say—healthy. He only loved chocolate. Of course, too much of a “good” thing is often bad, and having an unbalanced diet won't help the bear grow up to be big and strong. Too much love of chocolate may even get the bear into trouble. When his chocolate is gone and his friends have some, can he share nicely, or will he end up in even more trouble? Will he be happy again once he comes across more chocolate than he's ever had before? Children will love this short tale that encourages healthy eating and explains the importance of a balanced diet. Parents and caregivers will have an easier task at eating time by keeping this little story close at hand for when picky eaters need a reminder about healthy food choices. This light, warm-hearted tale will quickly become a favorite in the kitchen or anywhere snacks and meals are served.
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Publisher: PublishDrive
Published: 2019-10-16
ISBN: 6610000236459

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