The Jack Snow Wizard of Oz MEGAPACK® - Jack Snow

The Jack Snow Wizard of Oz MEGAPACK®

The Jack Snow Wizard of Oz MEGAPACK®

0 0 5 Author: Jack Snow
This volume assembled both of Jack Snow's "Oz" Books: The Magical Mimics in Oz (1946) and The Shaggy Man of Oz (1949). These are the is the 37th and 38th volumes in the Oz series. Snow made a conscious attempt to return to L. Frank Baum's inspiration for Oz; in both of his Oz books, he deliberately avoided using characters introduced by Ruth Plumly Thompson and John R. Neill, the second and third Royal Chroniclers of Oz.
Language: English Category: Children Translator:

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Publisher: Wildside Press
Published: 2018-06-12
ISBN: 9781479418176

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