Danny Dunn and the Automatic House - Raymond Abrashkin, Jay Williams

Danny Dunn and the Automatic House

Danny Dunn and the Automatic House

0 0 5 Author: Raymond Abrashkin, Jay Williams
Professor Bullfinch develops the "House of the Future" in which all controls are automatic, and plans to debut it at an upcoming Science Fair. This includes temperature controls and other standard functions, but also items such as washing machines, food preparation and normal housework. Danny, Irene and Joe, as well as Irene's toddler cousin, go to explore the house and become trapped inside, as the locks were automated to have security settings to seal the house until the Professor's introduction. Danny and his friends learn that in addition to the automated locks, everything is only a fake sample and the windows cannot be broken. They are trapped inside with no food or telephone, and the Fair does not open for three days!
Language: English Category: Children Translator:

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Publisher: Wildside Press
Published: 2018-03-15
ISBN: 9781479437283

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