Sherlock Hong: The Immortal Nightingale - Don Bosco

Sherlock Hong: The Immortal Nightingale

Sherlock Hong: The Immortal Nightingale

0 0 5 Author: Don Bosco
Sherlock Hong is fifteen years old, recently dismissed from a boarding school in England for dabbling in alchemy. He returns to Singapore after joining the secret organization the International Order of Young Seekers and is eager to prove himself a worthy member. One day, he hears about a local magician William Fong who intends to bring a dead nightingale back to life. Sherlock's investigation leads him deeper and deeper into the heart of a sinister situation thick with mystery, mischief and magic! Will Sherlock be able to solve the mystery of the immortal nightingale and prove himself worthy of the International Order of Seekers?
Language: English Category: Children Translator:

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Publisher: MarshallCavendishEditions
Published: 2015-11-11
ISBN: 9789814721615

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