Let's Look at Pigeons - Janet Piehl

Let's Look at Pigeons

Let's Look at Pigeons

4 1 5 Author: Janet Piehl Narrator: Lerner Publishing
What animal has feathers, a round body, and a head that bobs when it walks? Pigeons! But do you know how fast pigeons fly? Or where pigeons build their nests? Read this book to find out!

Learn all about different animals in the Animal Close-Ups series—part of the Lightning Bolt Books™ collection. With high-energy designs, exciting photos, and fun text, Lightning Bolt Books™ bring nonfiction topics to life!
Language: English Category: Children Translator:

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Lerner
Published: 2010-01-01
Length: 4Min
ISBN: 9781467755030

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