Escape from the Roller Ghoster - Andres Miedoso

Escape from the Roller Ghoster

Escape from the Roller Ghoster

0 0 5 Author: Andres Miedoso
Desmond and Andres visit a scary roller-ghoster in this eleventh haunted adventure in the Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol series!

The Kersville Amusement Park is always a good time, but it also gives a new meaning to the term “thrill rides.” That’s because, in addition to being a popular destination for heart-pounding fun, the park is also just a little bit haunted. Join Desmond and Andres as they try to enjoy their day at the amusement park while being chased by ghosts! Warning: You must be this tall to read this book.

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol chapter books are perfect for emerging readers.
Language: English Category: Children Series: Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol: 1 Translator:

More info about the ebook

Publisher: Little Simon
Published: 2020-11-21
ISBN: 9781534464926

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