Where Did the Dinosaurs Go? Audiobook - Sally Odgers

Where Did the Dinosaurs Go? Audiobook

Where Did the Dinosaurs Go? Audiobook

0 0 5 Author: Sally Odgers Narrator: Teacher Created Materials
Links and Budge are two dinosaurs studying the stars in school. They begin to wonder if there are dinosaurs like them on other planets. Their instructor, Madam Thor, tells them that there were once dinosaurs on a planet called Earth. Together they hypothesize why the dinosaurs no longer exist on that planet. With creative illustrations and large font, children will be engaged as they learn what happened to the dinosaurs that once roamed Earth. Told from a unique perspective, this story is sure to be a classroom favorite.
Language: English Category: Children Translator:

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Shell Education Publishing
Published: 2020-05-20
Length: 3Min
ISBN: 9780743966399

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