Nodo The Chairs' Mover - Danielle Frau

Nodo The Chairs' Mover

Nodo The Chairs' Mover

4.29 7 5 Author: Danielle Frau Narrator: Ben Upson
What is a chairs' mover?

Surely, it’s happened to you before. You were all alone in your home and heard a chair moving behind you, or in another room. You jumped and went to check but nothing was there. Well, guess what? There was something there, someone... the chairs' mover.

In this story, we will follow the adventures of a funny, clumsy chairs' mover called Nodo. Along for the ride also are his newly acquainted friends, the twigs' snapper, and the keys' hider.

Is it all beginning to make sense now? No? Err…perfect, enjoy the adventure!
Language: English Category: Children Translator:

More information about the audiobook:

Publisher: Author's Republic
Published: 2021-04-06
Length: 30Min
ISBN: 9798568288831

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